Never Let a Summertime Lob Beat You Again!

TCCPJohn Borden
The Tennis Center at College Park
Director of Adult Tennis
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Topic: Never Let a Summertime Lob Beat You Again!

If you have played tennis long enough, you have likely been victim to the summertime lob. It happens when you are at the net and your opponent hits a ball high into the sky, often directly into the sun, and you are left waiting all day to strike the ball (usually an overhead). Sound familiar? If so, follow these three easy rules and never be victimized again:

1. Turn

Rotate your hips and square you feet in preparation.

2. Look up

To the extent you can, keep your eyes on the ball until you strike it.

3. Hit Up

This is a tricky shot, so do not risk blowing it by over hitting. Ensure maximum control by giving the ball topspin. Brush up on the back of the ball rather than snapping down.

Spend time mastering these three simple rules and never be the victim of the summertime lob again!


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