Register Today for Summer Fun! 40&over / 55&over / 65&over Doubles Leagues!


The MCTA On-line Store is open for team captains to pay their refundable team deposits to register a team for play in one or more of MCTA’s Summer League programs:

  • 40&over Mixed Doubles
  • 55&over Men’s/Women’s Doubles
  • 65&over Men’s/Women’s Doubles

Team registration will close on June 21st.  By that time, in order to be included in the league schedule all team captains must have:

  • paid their refundable deposit;
  • filed a 2013 Captain’s Commitment Form (if not already filed earlier); and
  • registered at least six players in Tennislink (3 men + 3 women for Mixed Doubles)

Match play will being the week of July 8 and end no later than August 29, depending on league size and number of matches.

Team and player registration is a multi-step process.

STEP ONE: captains download, sign and file a 2013 Captain’s Commitment Form (only one form per year need be filed). Send the completed form to:

STEP TWO: captains use the MCTA On-line Store to pay their refundable deposits

STEP THREE: Once Steps #1-2 are complete, MCTA sends the Captain a unique TennisLink Team Code together with complete instructions for player registration.

STEP FOUR: Players use the Team Code provided to the Captain to sign up for the team via TennisLink. A minimum 6 players (3 men + 3 women for Mixed Doubles teams) must be registered by the time team registration closes in order for that team to be included in the league schedule.

Once registration closes, no more teams can be added to the league (although players may be added to existing teams throughout the season).
Summer League Coordinators

40&over Mixed Doubles League: Lisa Kokoszka

55/65&over Leagues:


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