New Documentary Highlights American Dream in the Tennis World

Two AfricaVenus and Serenan American sisters from the ghetto of Compton, CA, Venus and Serena William were never supposed to play tennis, let alone be the first sisters and black women to rise to #1 and #2 in the world. The journey to the top of their sport is a great American story that began before they were born when their father Richard wrote a 78-page plan for his daughters’ tennis success.

As teenagers and young women, Venus and Serena have been winning major tournaments and championships for more than a decade, pushing limits in an incredibly demanding sport.  In the documentary, “Venus and Serena,” by Makien Baird and Michelle Major, the film focuses on the sisters in 2011 when their era of dominating the sport seems to be ending as both are plagued with injuries and other serious health problems.  Drawing their greatest strength from one another and never letting adversities hold them back, they make great comebacks the following year with Serena winning at Wimbledon and the sisters taking gold in doubles at the Olympics.

The documentary will be playing at The Avalon Theater on Connecticut Avenue in Washington, DC opening Friday May 17 – May 24 and will not be extended.

Avalon Theatre: A Nonprofit Film Center in Washington, DC (202) 966-6000


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