Practice Every Type of Volley

Ajay Pant picAjay Pant
General Manager, The Tennis Center at College Park
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Topic: Practice Every Type of Volley

When most players think about playing the net, the image of striking comfortable volleys comes to mind. In fact, many players try to improve their net games by working only on above-the-net-volleys. This is a mistake. Such volleys are just a small component of an actual match, and a smart opponent will do her best to give you anything except these easy shots.

If you want to be a successful volleyer, the trick is to work on all aspects of net play, not just the simplest shots. The next time you practice, have your partner feed you a variety of volleys – hard and soft, low and high, at your body and away from it – along with tough lobs, too. Work on sending the ball back both deep and short and be sure to practice drop volleys and sharp-angled volleys as well. Once you become comfortable with the full range of replies needed in the front court, you’ll be able to close out more points.

For a complimentary special clinic on volleys at TCCP, please contact Ajay Pant. This offer is eligible for MCTA members only.

(Reprinted by permission of Tennis Magazine)


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